Michael Paul Simon


For 2019, the Belize Tourism Board challenged us to get travelers to stay longer. Currently travelers would just stay 3-4 days without getting the full experience. So, we developed a campaign that highlighted the vast number of things that you can see, do and experience that would encourage travelers to spend more time in Belize. With that thought in mind, we created mini-modern travel documentaries reminiscent of traveler stories on Instagram. These Instagram style travel stories served as the perfect inspiration for potential travelers in a “no-bull” Belize style way. Staying true to this idea we used real people — NOT actors, capturing themselves during a weeklong exploration of Belize. In addition, everything was shot on smart phones to keep the look natural. These are their stories…

Traveling couple story:

Female traveler story:

Male traveler story:

This video has all our travelers finishing each other’s sentences to tell a group traveler story:

We made fun of “skippable ads” while showing some things you can see/do in Belize:

We illustrated how there’s always something new to see in these “whip-pan” style 6’s:

CW: Elizabeth Burns
Color: Nice Shoes
Sound: Sister Boss
Director: Christian Sorensen