Michael Paul Simon

Discover Boating 2019

Discover Boating’s goal in the US and Canada is to simply promote boating overall without catering to any one brand of boat. And thus the task was to highlight a variety of boat types and boating lifestyles. Our answer, to create a campaign that shared the common ground for all boats — the water. Enter “Awesome Bay,” the campaign where any body of water can hold fun and excitement. Whether on a jet ski or a bowrider, you’re bound to have fun on the water. This integrated campaign was launched with a long form video that was cut down for different media buys. In this fun video, thoughtful transitions carry us through exhilarating boating experiences that make you want to get out on the water and experience Awesome Bay for yourself.

Director/DP: Janusz Kaminski
Color: Technicolor (Sparkle)
Sound: Arcade (Paul)
Edit: Arcade (Paul)